Where is the Anger over Fort Hood?

In America today there are so many things to be mad at. However the lack of attention and outrage at the murder trial of the Fort Hood Terrorist is really bothersome.

• Firstly the President and his administration class this as workplace violence and NOT a terrorist attack. This is despite him yelling Allah Akbar and admitting in Court he is guilty. He has even stated for the Court record why he changed sides.
• Secondly because of workplace violence rule, the heroes who were injured and family of the victims are not eligible for full benefits or a Purple Heart.
• While they were suffering it appears this piece of crap is getting special treatment in jail, got a promotion!!!! And is also still collecting a salary from the state. Talk about priorities.
• Lastly this trial has taken 4 years to happen and while I am no lawyer, I believe it is a safe bet he won’t get the death penalty.

If there is any justice left in this world, the American people would rally the White House and demand this be changed to an act of terrorism, pay full benefits to the wounded and victim’s families and give the heroes their Purple hearts. Lastly they should repossess (this part Obama should be good at) every penny in benefits and salary he has earned since 2009 and most importantly hang him from a yardarm….but since that is no longer practice I will accept death by lethal injection.

* Originally published at Gen Fringe

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