Breaking News: President Obama Announces New Foreign Policy

President Obama arrived in Israel on Wednesday and immediately announced a new Foreign Policy. President Obama said, “And just as we have for these past 65 years, the United States is proud to stand with you as your strongest ally and your greatest friend,” and “So I see this visit as an opportunity to reaffirm the unbreakable bonds between our nations, to restate America’s unwavering commitment to Israel’s security, and to speak directly to the people of Israel and to your neighbors”. Some cynics might question the motives of the President and it’s easy to do so when it’s his first trip to Israel as President and the first trip by the US President since 2008 – 5 whole years without a visit for your greatest friend and not to mention the frosty relationship between the two leaders. However, I would like to provide an opportunity for President Obama to do the right thing and to prove everyone wrong. He can stand with Israel and release the following statement in Israel standing side by side with the Israel President and Prime Minister:

Israel was, is and will always be our friend and our ally, and America always has and always will be your strongest friend and ally. This bond is UNBREAKABLE. I want to send the clearest message possible to Israel’s enemies and the World. If Iran or ANY other country talks about or plans to attack Israel or its great people, it is as good as an attack on America and the American people. I am prepared to do everything in my Presidency to ensure Israel is secure, because the Jewish people have earned that right.

Israel’s enemies like to say their aim is to wipe them off the face of the earth, and it’s questionable if they have the capabilities to achieve it. However, I know one thing for a FACT. America and its armed forces do have those capabilities and I will make this promise – I, as President of the United States, will not think twice about unleashing every member of the Armed Forces at my disposal against any country in defense of Israel. Now some may feel the need to voice their displeasure over these statements and may feel they are too strongly worded and maybe harmful to peace and peace through cooperation. To those nations I say this – America’s number one priority always has been and will always be PEACE and peace through cooperation. However, I refuse as President to stand idly by and watch as the enemies of Israel continue to speak of its destruction and are preparing for war. America will achieve peace through strength and to the critics I say this – AMERICA HAS NEVER BEEN ATTACKED FOR BEING STRONG OR TOO SUPPORTIVE OF ITS ALLIES.

* Originally published at Gen Fringe


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