NYC’s Opportunity for Conservatism

One of the founding fathers’ greatest fears was America following in the footsteps of Britain and being ruled by a two party system, because they feared politicians would argue points for either personal or political gain, not because it was the right thing for the country. Today, America has that two party system the founders feared most, but I believe it’s worse than they could have ever imagined. Can anyone really tell the difference between today’s Republican and Democratic Parties? Today’s RINOS and “moderates” and “centrist” Republicans have more in common with their Democratic colleagues than their Conservatives colleagues. So logic might lead one to believe that a bill supported by BOTH Republicans and Democrats has to be always best for America!!! Right???? WRONG. One part of Government that has been missing for far too long is “We the People” and that needs to change. There are plenty of ways to get involved but there are two questions I want you to ask at every opportunity:

• What right do they have to say that?
• Where do they get their power?

There is a major opportunity for Conservatism in New York right now and Conservatives need to stand up and grab this opportunity with both hands. I know a lot of people will disagree and say no Conservative will ever be successful in the Liberal bastion of New York – it’s crazy blue and not changing anytime soon. Maybe you’re right, but America is the “Land of Opportunity” and right now there is an opportunity and that’s all freedom needs. Mayor Bloomberg has pushed for and/or passed some of the following laws:

• No salt on restaurant tables – it has to be requested
• No sodas cups over 16oz
• Coffee shops can’t add sugar to tea / coffee – has to added by the individual
• When you buy a large pizza to be delivered, you cannot order a 2 litre of soda, in these hard financial times, a family deal!
• Including fruit in vending machines

What right does Mayor Bloomberg have to tell the people he represents what they can or cannot have, as individuals? NONE. Where does he get the power? NOWHERE – but that never stops a politician who thinks he is smarter than the people he represents. But it’s not just food he wants to stop – he is now trying to control the volume you can have in your ear buds because you might go deaf. Are there liberals who support these policies? SURE – there will always be people you just cannot reach. Are there liberals who will think these policies are crazy and a massive over-reach of power? ABSOLUTELY. In addition, a New York Court overturned the rule on the size of soda cups this week calling the bill “arbitrary and capricious.” Conservatives need to speak out against these policies and open the lines of discourse with people who disagree with the rules, with the hope of having two effects.

Firstly, work towards breaking down the stereotype that Conservatives are “right wing extremists” and “nut jobs” (yip names given to us by the TOLERANT left). Secondly, the principals behind these messages are the same for soda drinks as they are for guns. Government does not have the right to control or monitor what you put in your own body. You are a FREE individual with your own choice and should be treated as such. No one has the right to tell you how you should live your life or what you should eat. Government WORKS FOR YOU…. not the other way around. Benjamin Franklin once said “Rebellion to Tyrants, is obedience to God.”

The last century has seen a massive transfer of power to Washington and especially to the office of President. Power that belongs to YOU the individual and with the people. So this century has to be a Conservative one – where the power is transferred back to the people. Who has the power over YOUR life and who knows what’s best for you – you or WASHINGTON? If you believe that power belongs to you, then rise up and take it back.

* Originally published at Gen Fringe 

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