Irish John’s Full Speech From Abolish the IRS Rally on Capitol Hill

On Wednesday, I had the huge honor of addressing the people at the Abolish the IRS Rally (Starts at 3hr 9min) on Capitol Hill. However due to timing issues I had to cut out a huge chunk of the speech and I wanted to share with you the full unedited version, which I hope you will enjoy.

Please click on the link for video of the full speech.

Ladies and Gentlemen, these scandals highlight a couple of very important points – they prove Barack Obama was right about one thing. America needs fundamental transformation and it needs a lot of it. Despite everything, politicians want to continue to grow government regardless of the circumstances, scandals or the economic times we live in and the statist agenda is never-ending. Politicians believe government can fix anything and everything. The more the plans fail, the more the planners plan. America is the greatest country in the world. Did Washington make America great? NO! The people did. The answers to the problems America faces are the first 3 words of your great Constitution, “WE THE PEOPLE.” The Founding Fathers were very smart they did not start it we the government, or we the President or even we the Supreme Court. The people must be at the start, the middle and the end of any process to fix these problems and how to rule in the future.

One question I get asked and I see far too regularly is, I am only one person, what difference can I make? This question always upsets me because part of America’s Founding was based on the principal of individualism and not the masses or a collective. I always reply you can do LOTS. You have more tools at your disposable now than ever before in history. You have websites like BreitBart, CNS News and Liberty Alliance where you can get news, opinion on anything and everything. You have social media like Twitter and Facebook where you can not only share these stories but you can also discuss them with your friends, family, co -workers and even people from your Church. However you can also come up with solutions. You have great groups like Tea Party Patriots where you can get involved, meet like-minded folks and volunteer.

While these scandals are very worrying for me there is a more worrying trend in Washington right now and it’s at the very core of these scandals. Politicians now not only talk down to the people but also insult them on a daily basis and this is happening in BOTH PARTIES. The great American people who have defeated Nazism, Communism, conquered everything from the swamp to the stars, are now told what you need instead of what your rights are, are now told you did not build that, and the most recent you are not as fertile as illegal immigrants, and if you dare go against Washington you are classed as an extremist, an ideolog or even a wacko bird. Washington does this for a reason. You see Washington has a dirty little secret it will die to protect. It can only function like this for as long you let it. Despite all there power with executive orders, legislation and regulation, they are no match for a united citizenry. Each and every one of you has a weapon, a weapon so powerful that it gives Barack Hussein Obama nightmares. That weapon is your mouth and the ability to inspire and UNITE your fellow American. So if I may be so bold to ask, every time you hear a politician speak down the American people, I want you to stand up and speak to every person you can and say America is the greatest country in the world, say you have the greatest military in the World, say imagine a world without America and its great people. There would be no cars, no electricity, and no technology. And this one is a personal bug-bear of mine – every time you hear that the American people are Selfish or greedy, please remind everyone that every time there is a disaster in the World, who donates the most??? THE AMERICAN PEOPLE DO!!!

Lastly to Americans out there who believe you have travelled to far down this road and the war is already lost or are just low on confidence. Look back in history and not too far either and look at the Cold War. Administrations prior to Reagan felt it could never be won. Both parties spoke about being forced to accept some form of Socialism and they even came up with a fancy term – M.A.D – Mutually Assured Destruction. However Reagan did not conform to this thinking and he believed it could be won. WHY? Because of two things and they are still relevant today. Firstly he believed in the power of freedom and liberty and that believe they could overcome ANY obstacle. Secondly and maybe more importantly he believed in the power of the American people. He believed that when left alone and inspired, YOU are capable of truly great and majestic things. The American people have proved that you are a free people and would prefer to die standing than live on your knees. While these are dark days for American, this collectivist, totalarian, utopian mind-set is just the next hurdle America has to overcome. And overcome you MUST.

This along with the the American Dream is all encapsulated in the American spirit. That spirit is what separates you from the rest of the world. I recently interviewed Jenny Beth Martin and she said this fight was important because if freedom can be extinguished here, it can be extinguished anywhere. She is right but as a future immigrant I see it slightly different, I think if freedom is extinguished here, freedom will cease to exist. America has always been a beacon of light, of hope and of freedom for the rest of the world. I hope and pray every day that you not only return this magnificent country to its former glory but onto big and better things. And with that I will leave you with the most important question there is –

I truly believe America’s best days are yet to be written. Do you?

* Originally published at Gen Fringe

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