Irish John Asks Why Americans Aren’t Watching Washington

My whole life I have witnessed American governments spend taxpayers money like it came from a bottomless pit and one thing always amazes me – why so many Americans seem to accept it?

• I know some are outraged but surely it is “common sense” to stop spending money overseas on social programs with a $17 trillion deficit. After all charity starts at home, right?
• Surely most would agree sending foreign aid to countries who burn the American flag is a bad idea, Right?
• Surely with Egypt in a mess, it would be advisable to wait and see what happens and who wins elections before sending more aid there, right?

Surely these are not issues of left or right and something a vast majority of Americans should agree on. Maybe, however Washington seems to be another matter. However wasteful taxpayer spending also happens on domestic programs. There are two recent examples:

• Firstly is the story of the Justice Department arresting a man, forgetting about him for 4 days before releasing him. NO food, nothing. He won a settlement for $4.1 million dollars…. (I am not arguing against this man getting compensation, or the amount, purely WHO pays it)
• Secondly is the case of the Mayor in San Diego who is being sued for sexual harassment and he wants the state to pay his legal fees (thankfully the San Diego Council said NO!!!).

Do the American people not deserve better? Is there no accountability anymore?? Is it okay for a government worker to make a mistake and expect the hard-working American taxpayer to foot the bill? What do you think?

* Originally published at Gen Fringe

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