Fort Hood Shooting – Please Read

On November 5th 2009, America was rocked with the news of the shootings in Fort Hood, Texas where their 13 service men and women died along with 29 critically wounded that sad day. In the days and months following the shooting, the Obama administration classed the shooting as “Work Place Violence” and not a “Terrorist Act”. This is a slap in the face to the memory of the brave men and women who were lost and injured that day not to mention the families and friends of these servicemen and women left behind.

I remember when I first heard this, I figured it was some spin for the President and his administration to save him using the word “Terrorism” in his first year of office. However the impact of using the word “workplace violence” is not only political, it also punishes the servicemen and women who died that day and also their families left behind. Firstly servicemen and women involved are not eligible to receive a “Purple Heart” and arguably more importantly, they are not eligible for the benefits and support a solider hurt overseas would receive. This is totally UNACCEPTABLE AT ANY TIME UNDER ANY PRESIDENT; however given the fact the President Obama has spent the most money in world history which includes the highest yearly budget deficit of any administration of any country in the world, makes this even harder to accept.

If you agree with me that this is totally unacceptable and want to stand with every serviceman and women who serves the Greatest Country in the World, please visit this website and sign the petition to reverse this decision. Thanks and God Bless the USA!!!

* Originally published at Gen Fringe

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