I’ve Got a Bone to Pick With Fox News

I used to love Fox News. I used to always laugh when the libs would call it right wing. It’s always been a fairly moderate station…never was or will be a station of fire breathing Conservatives… but I enjoyed the on air personalities and debating between both sides of the aisle so I always defended it…..

However, now it’s different. Firstly, Fox bosses (you can fill in the blanks here) have long been open borders guys. And now, they are pushing it on the air and Sean Hannity has “evolved”. Strike one.

For my friends in America, I would encourage you to look at the history of the UK Sky News – they always support, or are friendly, to the government, regardless of policies. However, the worst is yet to come. I love listening to Sarah Palin and her destroying the Obama agenda on air (yeah I know I criticized her in the past… it’s okay to have differences with people) but alas, her contract was not renewed. Strike two.

Then came Dick Morris (by the way, I like Dick Morris, but openly disagree with a lot of what he says). Yes, he really screwed up the election…. BIG TIME! Like, OMG. That will be famous. But, here’s the thing; the rational he gave for his predictions were spot on, but the turnout let him down and everyone makes mistakes. I can understand giving him a break to let the dust settle, but letting him go was a HUGE mistake. Strike 2 and a half….

So, Fox has to hire someone right? So, who do they hire? Karl Rove! Yes Karl “Frickin” ROVE. Yes, that’s right. So in Fox’s world, if you call a landslide and get it wrong, take it like a gentleman, take all the slagging on air that Morris did, you get fired. However if you call for a Romney win with a stupid white board, get told you lose, act like a JERK and have a meltdown on LIVE TV, dispute the official Fox call, and turn out to be wrong, you get promoted. STRIKE THREE.

If that was not enough, he is now on Fox EVERY SINGLE DAY! I honestly am so sick of this guy, sick of his white board, sick of him trashing Conservatives, and sick of hearing about his new Super PAC. Its official Karl Rove is the face of the modern Republican Party – a party without principals and a party who are unsure of the path forward. If Fox was truly a Right Wing station, it would have a Conservative front and center talking about Conservative values, and leading a way forward. However they have not, so for me now is time to stop watching FOX News, but thank God for Conservative Talk Radio. As long as I have Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and the best of all, Mark Levin, I can know everything I need to know and can get my “fix.” And don’t forget GenFringe.com. They are the future of the conservative movement, men and women under 30 leading the way forward, discussing the issues of the day and engaging our generation. I would like to ask everyone to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get your daily “fix” of news and original opinions.

* Originally published at Gen Fringe