Any Last Words?

I have been extremely blessed for the last two weeks, in that our company Liberty Alliance has given me, an Irish citizen, an opportunity to come to the United States to not only speak out against the current immigration reform but also speak about the scandals that are currently engulfing Washington. When speaking about Washington, it is incredibly easy for people to get frustrated and come across as negative or upset. This week, I saw one of the most moving monologues and not one word was spoken. It was from Glenn Beck (his vocal cords are paralysed) and he asked one question, “If today was the last day you could speak, what would you say”? This really got me thinking and I would like to share with you what I would like to say.

I would say – America, please be proud of your history. Look back and see how far you’ve come, look at what greatness you have contributed to society. You have the greatest military on earth which has stood on the right side of history when defeating Nazism and Communism, which is something to be extremely proud of. Look at the many contributions of the American people and how they have changed the world, everything from oil and cars, to electricity and technology. The world today would look extremely different if America never existed. You have made the world a better place in such a short period of time, please don’t just be proud of it, and BOAST about it. America was founded on many great principals, two of which were the principals of individualism and self-determination; sadly these seem to be missing today. America needs to tell its people (especially the next generation) that it’s okay to dream. You are a free person and you can achieve anything you want to. In America, there are no glass ceilings.

We are all different and want different things – diversity is a good thing. If you want work in McDonalds or Wal-Mart and concentrate most of your energy on having a family, that’s okay because it’s your choice. If you want to serve the country by working in the military, police, fire fighters or emergency personnel, that’s okay too because you have a calling to serve. If you want to create a product or service and become as successful and rich as Bill Gates or Steve Jobs, that’s also okay because you contribute to society in other ways. We need to create an environment that not only harvests success and dreams but encourages them. Instead, the current environment seems to hold them up, stop them, or tells them “they did not build that.” We need to tell everyone that you can do anything you want to regardless of age, race, creed or gender and no one can stop you. WHY? Because you are an American and you have certain inalienable rights protected under your constitution that include liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Most importantly, that is what makes America GREAT and separates it from the rest of the world where socialism, communism and other governments not only exist but punish success.

I hope and pray every day, that America begins to believe again in the power of not only liberty and freedom, but the American people. Those two combinations are special and can overcome ANY obstacle, hurdle or challenge.
Lastly, I would focus on politics. You need to rise up and take your country back. The first three words of your Constitution is, “We the PEOPLE”. There was a reason the founding fathers started your republic with the people, not the President, Congress, Supreme Court or any other ruling class. The people are not only the most important part of politics; they must be at the start, middle and end of all political discussion and legislation. It is time for politicians to realize their role in society – their role is to SERVE at the will of the people, NOT empower themselves and to rule over you.

It’s no secret that one man I admire greatly and who has inspired me the most is Ronald Reagan. There are so many of his sayings that not only give me comfort and strength, but inspire and help me frame my arguments. One of those great sayings was said in his 1992 RNC endorsement speech of George Bush:

“Whatever else history writes about me, I hope it remembers me as always appealing to your best hopes, not your worst fears, to your confidences rather than your doubts”.

The current group in Washington and this administration spends too much time not only talking down to the American people, but also speaks ill of them when they go overseas. The PEOPLE need to counter that by talking up America at every opportunity because if the people truly believe America is the greatest country in the world, then her best days are still ahead of her.