America has a RINO Problem on National Security

If the Republican Party is to exist in 5 years, everyone should be supporting Rand Paul in this “dispute” with Chris Christie and his fellow RINO’s as they are showing more liberal double standards every day. So let’s break this down…..

RINO’s support the NSA wiretapping and data mining of innocent American’s because targeting the ordinary American helps find terrorists (what happened to innocent till proven guilty, but I digest)…. BUT on the other hand America needs to pass a bill for comprehensive immigration reform because America needs to get these people out of the shadows…. Will that keep America safe???? Before you answer remember a couple of pointers:

1. Firstly there is one word missing from the bill – deportation. It seems anyone who comes out of the shadows regardless of prior offenses will not be deported.
2. Secondly as Mark Levin pointed out a couple of weeks ago, an illegal alien is allowed to forge 3 US passports before they face any chance of deportation. Doing some math – 11 million illegal aliens could forge 22 million passports for their family and face no chance of deportation.
3. Lastly remember 9/11 – how did the terrorist get into America then and what was the status of their visas??? Someone should remind the RINO’S of these facts.

America needs to be kept safe, however these RINO’S are not interested in that. They are the same as liberals who only care about their own power and job security.

* Originally published at Gen Fringe