A-Rod, Steroids and Morals

I have supported the Yankees for over a decade and have been a huge A-Rod fan every day since 2004 when he was traded to the Yankees – He was a complete player who could do everything, hit for power and average and fields a premium position. On Monday, A-Rod was suspended for 212 games for use of steroids and although he is appealing, it highlighted three things to me:

• First, the days of innocent until proven guilty seem to be gone. Rightly or wrongly we hear a rumor or see a report about an individual and we base our opinion largely on whether we like the individual or not. Whether it be Edward Snowden, Trayvon Martin or A-Rod most of us had opinions on these individuals before ALL facts became public. Today most people consider A-Rod guilty even though very little of facts have seen daylight. Sometimes a side-affect with making a quick judgement or a gut call is we only see the evidence that supports our opinion.

• Second, in today’s world prior guilt automatically means guilt in any future story or acquisitions. With A-Rod, I always get “but he admitted to doing steroids in 2003/04, so he must be guilty now”. RIGHT??? Maybe but not always. Have you ever done something illegal or even stupid that you are not proud of? Does that mean you are likely to do it again? Can no one learn from their mistakes? Can no one make amendments and set a good example? Remember the saying “prior results do not equal future performance”.

• Last, and by far the worst – We seem to be living in an era where there are so few role models or people to admire. Are people in business, sports and any walk of life committed to taking short cuts over doing it the right and morally correct way? I am not expecting people to be perfect but today, people seem to lie, cheat, steal, do steroids, drive under the influence of either drink or drugs, cheat on their wives amongst other things. Is there any person in the public arena whom you would support 100% and be genuinely shocked if they screwed up?

This is important for our generation, but is becoming more and more important for future generations. The majority of kids today seem to have so little faith, parents are lame and not cool, and so who do they look up to? And what example is being set for them? While I have focused on sports here, the same could be said for actors and politicians. Have morals left the world today especially if you’re in the public eye? What can we as a society (no role for government) do to improve morals and who we look up to and support?

* Originally published at Gen Fringe

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