A Crappy Deal is a Crappy Deal

As we all plan to take a very well earned holiday this Christmas, I would ask you to remember people who cannot spend time with their loved ones, especially the ones who serve and protect America at home and overseas. The men and women who protect American values are truly the people who have the hardest job and to quote Joe Biden “have skin the game.” While these men and women represent the best America has to offer, time and time again, Washington represents the worst America has to offer and I just want you to think about some things during the break:

There is a great saying in the movie Batman Returns – “It’s not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me.” For the month of December, we have had near daily press conferences from politicians speaking about the “Fiscal Cliff” and Plan A and Plan B etc. and how important it is for America to agree to a deal to avoid tax increases on January 1st. The President is speaking about protecting the “Middle Class” and even though no deal has been reached, the man who is worth over $10 million has gone on vacation (which is costing the taxpayers over $4 million) for 3 weeks and is leaving the issue to Congressional Leaders. If the issue was so important to the President and to the future of America, why is the President on vacation when no deal has been agreed to? Also, I would ask everyone, – how many 3 week vacations have you and your family been on or how many people do you know who have taken a 3 week vacation?

There are a lot of Republicans defending the Speaker of the House, John Boehner, saying he has a weak hand, that the Republicans are only one half of one third of Government, and that his Plan B was a fair compromise. So let me break this deal down for you in simple terms. Republicans want spending cuts to reduce the annual deficit and President Obama wants tax increases on people earning more than $250,000.

So, imagine I am trying to sell you a ticket to a game in your local arena and I say, “Hey man, forget where the seats are located and which game you are going to attend, let’s just discuss price. We can discuss the where and when next year, but I want $80 dollars now for the ticket.” You start negotiating with me and the price goes from $80 to $100 and bystanders with media badges around their necks are pushing for it to be $120. Would you do that deal with me? And if you did, would you be telling the whole world what a great deal you got?

* Originally published at Gen Fringe

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